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Name : Nadan Patel
Subject : Architectural Design
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The Woods
Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords
Northern Lights
Nature and sunrise

Mentors : Stuti Borwankar, sailee Gosavi, samruddhi phalak, shabbir Shakir, Rekha Desai

AIM : To address the impacts of architectural design on the social, cultural, and economic factors influencing the revitalization of the urban marketplace.


  • The New Market will play a key function in the strategic transformation of the place. It will not be conceived as just another commercial building but rather as a hub of services and activities and as a neighbourhood booster
  • The New Market can be seen as an opportunity to foster and create intelligent spaces within the city - An “innovation hub”. The main idea behind this concept is that we can use commerce, as a driving force of urban regeneration and redevelopment.
  • The market as an innovation hub fosters a wide variety of interactions and the appearance of mixed-use environments, blurring the boundaries between physical, digital, economic, social and cultural spaces. In other words, they are good places to work, live, learn and play.
  • The new market must have a captivating design, simple and elegant, different from the huge concrete buildings of the city, but at the same time it needs to be integrated with surroundings.
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