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Name : Mariya, Firdous, Shruti
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The Woods
Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords

Aim :

Water, one of the 5 elements of nature, is an integral part of our daily lives. Human civilisations have always had a strong association with water, the sustainer of life. Across millennia, mankind has interacted with it functionally, connected with it emotionally and bonded with it spiritually. However, piped water supply, availability of bottled water and lack of access to natural water bodies has distanced the urban privileged class from the wonders of water in its natural form. This studio looks at exploring the theme of water at a deeper level.

Objectives :

The goal of the studio is multifold - To make students develop basic skills required in architectural education namely sketching, reading, writing, model making, critical thinking and verbal expression. To introduce students to the foundation of design through the realm of water by looking closely at the various aspects of water such as natural and manmade form, shape changing ability, patterns, sensory perception. The goal of the studio is to make students engage with water differently. It also intends to decipher the design elements (Point, Line, Plane, Solid and Void, Colour and Texture), principles (Rhythm, Harmony, Repetition, Focal Point, Axis, Balance) and interpret them through small design projects. To encourage expression of concepts in various forms such as models, posters, writings, music, art etc. To draw a strong correlation between theory of basic design and its application in basic design and architectural design projects. To introduce the use of tools and mediums to aid in neater work and better presentation.