BACHELORS OF Architecture



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Name : Hariyali village


Mentors : Swarada Poyarekar, Probuddha Mukhopadhyay and Ketaki Bhadgaonkar

Aims :The course intends to introduce the disciplines of urban design and urban planning.

Pedagogical Intent of the course : The focus of the course will be on the urban design and reading of the urban fabric. The aim is to develop the knowledge of methods and techniques of reading cities through a theoretical understanding of mapping and representing.

Learning Objectives : The course will help students to build a base of knowledge for the AD studio which requires a larger understanding of a neighborhood and the complexities of the forces that shape the urban fabric.

Methodology :The coursework would comprise of short seminars, form exercises and discussions. To support the framework, students are encouraged to do readings to understand the dynamics behind morphologies.