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Mumbai University   |   2 years course      

We offer a regular M. Arch postgraduate course in Urban Design of two-year duration open to students with a B.Arch. qualification. This course is designed to enhance the skills of, young aspiring architects to be involved in the active planning and design of urban settlements which are under rapid transformation in India. This course would prepare a student to work within the planning framework in our context with government institutions, nongovernmental institutions and other private agencies.
  • Urban design studio 02
  • Research methodologies
  • Planning techniques and procedures 02
  • Elective 01-Humanizing cities
  • Elective 02-Urban environmental services and sciences
  • Elective 03-Urban form and space
  • Thesis 01
  • Urban design studio 03
  • Urban bye-laws and planning legislation
  • Elective 01 - Development finances
  • Elective 02 - New urbanism
  • Thesis 02
  • Landscape design and urban ecology
  • Elective 01 - Climate change and Urban resilience
  • Elective 02 - Urban governance and management