Message From THe Principal
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Prof. Rekha Desai

I/C Principal

As RCA propels towards the completion of three decades since its inception, it continues to strive in its attempt to remain the leaders in terms of innovation in teaching and producing students who are sensitised to the time specific challenges that surround them.

RCA distinguishes itself from its other compatriots by continuing to innovate even in the times of the pandemic, which has brought the world to a standstill. With its vast online repertoire, RCA ensured that the students were prioritised during the pandemic, so that even though the students might be off campus, quality education wasn’t. Technology has been a great harbinger of development and at RCA it has also ensured the continued and relatively good transition to various methods of teaching necessitated out of the current situation. This stress on incorporation of technology in every field concerning Architecture is a key principle at RCA, which can be seen in the efforts to incorporate upcoming visualising technologies such as AR(Augmented reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) into the course load for students.

RCA is also proud of its approach of sensitising the students towards the 17 SDGs as espoused by the UNGA. This empowers the students to not only make decisions that are considerate towards our environment but also in-still personal agency, self-reflection and environmental empathy to educate innovators who challenge and advance the design professions.

RCA also considers itself privileged to have conducted several international conferences centred around architecture for Humane Habitats over the last 20 years. Furthermore the students have also actively participated and have been the winners of many prestigious trophies at NASA.

RCA believes in active research and documentation where students have adopted indigenous settlements, stayed with them and have documented their culture, the construction technologies among other strategies. This ensures that the students deal with the problem with a people and local approach rather than a high handed generic approach. We are also trying to have multiple student exchange programs with colleges of India to avail the the multitude of opportunities that exist around the country.