Name : Ankita Nagwaekar


MENTORS : Prof. Samruddhi Phalak

TOPIC : Rejuvenating the Dahisar River Edge

The water systems have a very symbolic relationship with our urban context. The presence of these freshwater ecosystems, their contribution to society, community, biodiversity, and the development of the urban fabric have been seen over the years. However, these assets are now witnessing vulnerable conditions and because of this, they are left out to be dark gloomy spots. The city of Mumbai has turned its back on these freshwater systems which were once an integral component. The thesis addresses the concern with the freshwater systems as a predominant entity integrating the public realm and also strengthening the neighboring ecology. The concept on the way forward to approach the thesis was through the lens of Landscape urbanism, one of the key principle theories of Urban Design. The site chosen was the Dahisar river, in the suburbs of Mumbai which was once in the limelight of Mumbai. The preliminary pilot study and documenting of several layers of the mapping defined the area of focus 2.5 km stretch of the entire 12km length of the river. The urban design strategies on a micro, meso, and macro-scale were urban plug-ins, pedestrian river edges, and curbing pollution respectively. The project aims to holistically redefine and rejuvenate the Dahisar river edge and to thrive on new opportunities and development around this freshwater system existing in the urban context. The heart of the project is in establishing the river edge as a public hotspot with a larger idea of sustainability and lesser concretization within the urban design domain.